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Character Fashioning

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For Tuesday, 6/30





1. Gotham Writers, Ch.2, "Character: Casting Shadows"


2. Flannery O'Connor, "A Good Man is Hard to Find"

O'Connor - A Good Man Is Hard to Find.pdf


3. Rion Amilcar Scott, "David Sherman, The Last Son of God"

Rion Amilcar Scott - David Sherman, The Last Son of God.pdf





In Gotham Ch.2, begin the YOUR TURN exercises on your own, to turn in by Wednesday 7/1 at 11:59PM.



Talking Points:


  • Aesthetic Emotion & Rhetoric
  • Controlling Idea
  • Character Desire
  • Complexity
  • Ability to Change 
  • Character Research
  • Appropriate Character Development 
  • Showing and Telling
  • Action and Speech
  • Details in and out of the Story 



DC/Maryland sound: Chuck Brown and the Soul Searchers




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