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For Thursday, 6/25



Reading, preferably in this order:


1. Robert McKee, from his book STORY. Read all of the following.



2. Lorrie Moore, "People Like That"

Lorrie Moore - People Like That.pdf


3. Gotham Writers' Workshop, Writing Fiction, Ch. 1, "Fiction: The What, How, and Why of It"





On your own, do the five (5) YOUR TURN exercises in Gotham Ch.1. Feel free to take as long as you want on them, but these first ones in this chapter are meant to be quick exercises.


Turn your writing in on bCourses. Also, be prepared to share with groups in Google Docs.



Talking Points:


  • Sequences of scenes 
  • Character vs. Characterization
  • Progressive Pressures
  • Aesthetic Emotion & Rhetoric
  • Controlling Idea










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